Our Constitution Made Easy

Our Constitution Made Easy

Richard Britner


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Have you ever wondered if our elected officials were being forthright in their dealings with the authority we delegated to them? Have you ever thought that they might be overreaching their boundaries at times. This book is designed to answer those types of questions and a whole lot more. In this book I dive into the U.S. Constitution and give an in depth look at what our Founding Father have put in place for us, and I expose the corruption that has become the statuesque for our government. I also give four viable solutions to bring this nation back to being a truly free nation.


Richard Britner:

Richard is a former federal agent who reached the rank of Inspector with the Federal Protective Serve, an agency within the Department of Homeland Security. Because of his position, he had studied the Constitution for years, gaining his knowledge from historical books, forums, seminars, and formally through the Federal Police Academy (Federal Law Enforcement Training Center). He has gained insight on the U.S. Constitution that exceeds many Law Professors, and goes more in depth of the philosophy of our founding father then do most Law Classes. This is an insight you need to read for yourselves.