Confines of the Mind

Confines of the Mind

Philip Duda


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These poems are a conglomeration of a thought process on inner conflict of good versus evil. This will intrigue and make a person question, their beliefs and ideas upon all celestial plains. Including those of life and death, love and hate, life and loss, and surviving. One may conclude that such travesty and joy, are within each of us. To take us at into hell, or into that of enlightenment. We all seek truth and knowledge of the past and future. Who is to say, which, is true amongst the stars and time itself. There is but one truth, upon oneself, this is the ultimate goal from enlightenment. To engage all within, of good and evil. Of intellect, and subversion of all one sees, hears, and does, upon one's self and others. Do we ask or dare to ask questions, upon our inner most expectations? We are but, in a time, where dimensions move and flow, like an unfettered ocean in time, within our dreams, we do cross in all aspects of time and space, good and bad, life and death, to find but the truth or not, beyond our own confinements. Shall we find all we are or shall we be controlled by our own fears and desperation to never seek nor experience ultimate joy to share. Our knowledge and our abilities amongst each other and those yet unknown, and to yell out helping those whom beseech a belief beyond that of faith, trust and hope. Such aspirations are within the grasp of each of us, to follow what realities we seek. We are but mortals, yet being mortals, we have the abilities to leap within our own minds and change or destroy for good or evil. To yet those unborn, enter such this poetry book, for you are now alone to see the conflict and see the hope of yet all those unborn and yet unknown.