Poems of Massachusetts

Poems of Massachusetts

Dr. Jeffrey Lant


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"'Tis an epic ode to the Bay State from pilgrims to Poe in thirty multi-stanza'ed installments. Some of those within these verses are celebrated while others are skewered with stiletto worldly wit. For those who savor this saucy synopsis, any other history of Massachusetts will be a spiceless ordeal." --Christopher "Kip" Forbes, Vice Chairman, Forbes Publishing Company "Once again Dr. Lant has bought his mastery of the written word with his unique style in Poems of Massachusetts. I'm accustomed to reading Dr. Lant's lyric prose full of rich language that flows and sings, painting vivid images in your mind. Much to my delight this is what I found in his poetry." --Patrice Porter, The Coffee Break author "Dr. Jeffrey Lant continues to amaze me with his exquisite writing and so on point with Duende, as he would say and clearly this is such a beautiful reading of great poems. It definitely lifts the soul with a fresh breath of life. Complete blessing, veritas, 'truth.'" --MAJ Lance L. Sumner, USA, Retired "This book has been a long time coming-literally my entire life. I have been interested through a long span of over sixty years in history, all aspects, all places, all points of view. This book has attracted worldwide notice and kudos. Whether you are from Massachusetts or coming to Massachusetts or want to know about Massachusetts or just want to read the quintessence of the language, this clever book is for you." --Dr. Jeffrey Lant