Global Warming and Planet Earth

Global Warming and Planet Earth

The Spin Stops Here

John Naglee


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Still not totally convinced that the planet is in danger from global warming? Still wondering why we need the International Space Station? Are you planning to take a space flight just for the fun of it? Are your children "millennial" kids? Then you, and them, need to read the data in this book. All the facts stated in the book are available on the internet. If you have never used the Google search engine, this is your chance to amaze yourself and your friends. Want to know how much a barrel of petroleum weighs and the volume that is sucked out of the earth daily, and what is happening to the planet by that action? Care to guess at the length of time it will take to travel to the next closest sun, where you will meet ET? Still believe in ETs and UFOs? Is Captain Kirk your all-time favorite pioneer? You need to read this book! You need to make sure your children, friends, and neighbors read this book. Don't delay. The spinning you feel will be your imagination. John F. Naglee Sr. was employed in the bell system for thirty-eight years, starting at Bell of Pennsylvania, then moving to Bell Labs and AT&T. He retired in 1989 and created his own small business which he ran for thirteen years. John was educated at the Central High School of Philadelphia, Temple University, the US Army and life, and resides in beautiful Central Florida. John is also the author of How to Cut the Power Supply and Drain the Swamp