Making Music in Montessori

Making Music in Montessori

Everything Teachers Need to Harness Their Inner Musician and Bring Music to Life in Their Classrooms

Michael Johnson


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Infused with a warm, affable tone, Making Music in Montessori is the Guide’s guide to music education, providing Montessori teachers all at once a snappy, practical handbook, music theory mentor, pedagogical manual, and resource anthology. The book’s goal: To give teachers confidence in music, so that when their children walk away from a lesson all fired up to compose their own music, their teacher will know how to guide them. Before Making Music in Montessori, teachers may have only dreamed of a classroom buzzing with children working, learning, and growing with music alongside all of the other subject areas in the Montessori curriculum. Now, it’s a reality. If children’s minds are a fertile field, then Making Music in Montessori will stir Montessori teachers of all musical backgrounds to don their overalls, roll up their sleeves, sow the musical seeds, and watch them blossom under their children’s flaming imagination.


Michael Johnson:
Michael Johnson, originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, is a songwriter, musician, cartoonist, and a Kodàly-trained Montessori educator with ten years of international experience managing elementary classrooms. From his home base in Paris, France, buoyed by an AMI Elementary diploma, which he received from the Montessori Institute of Milwaukee, and an M.A. in Music Education from Portland State University, Michael travels and leads music-teaching workshops at Montessori schools around the world.